Piloto identified that students who wanted to prepare for the driving theory test in Portugal had to attend the driving school in person. So our goal was to provide Piloto a solution for this requirement that meet the needs and wants of the users and the business.

Piloto visual language and UI
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A clear UI and visual language for driving tests


Our challenge was to create a digital product that would allow digitising the preparation for the official driving test and thus solve this limitation. Piloto wanted to become the best way to make students feel fully prepared for their driving theory test.

Piloto screens - A Gamified Solution
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A gamified solution for learning

Our Approach

First, we analyzed the needs of the students who were preparing for their theoretical driving test and the problems they usually find on the road. To do this, we conducted several interviews with current students, students who failed the exam, others who passed and driving instructors.

With the initial requirements in place we defined the main features the app should include. At this point we were able to move forward with the creation of wireframes and user flows for the app. With the design ready, both frontend and backend teams worked together focused on developing the features to enhance the user experience.

Piloto all screens


Today we can say that Piloto has become the easiest and fastest way to practice for the IMTT driving test. Anytime, anywhere, with or without the Internet, if the student just wants to be asked a question or complete a full driving test, Piloto is the solution.


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