Satta is a modern music streaming platform, that focuses on researching and offering a better knowledge of advanced music in its deepest sense. We invite curated artists to be part of our community and ask them to create a 1 hour sets of music for a specific situation, mood or task. We add that set to our library and deliver to the user based on his taste and situation he is into too.

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Satta represents a contemporary music streaming platform dedicated to delving into the intricacies of advanced music. Our mission centers around exploration and a comprehensive understanding of music in its deepest essence. At Satta, we extend invitations to curated artists, encouraging them to contribute by crafting one-hour music sets tailored for specific situations, moods, or tasks. These meticulously curated sets are seamlessly integrated into our library, enhancing user experience by delivering personalized music recommendations aligned with individual tastes and current contexts.

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Our Approach

The Satta web platforms meticulously record user data, including who, when, where, and what type of music or artist is favored, along with the number of enthusiasts sharing similar tastes. With this, we’ve created a symbiotic relationship with a continuous cycle where each event generates more users, leading to an enriched database of preferences and ultimately inspiring the creation of more precisely curated events. In essence, our business model thrives on this self-perpetuating cycle: More Events lead to More Users, which, in turn, yield More Information for creating even more engaging and personalized Events.


Satta Project was started in Santiago Chile through Start-up Chile where the team won their initial funding capital and the first investment round. In only a year Satta had more than 400 handpicked electronic artists from 41 different countries, direct relationships with 30 labels, made more than 32 events in 4 different countries and invoiced over 150K.


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